Includes range and pasture land for livestock grazing as well as farm ground for producing hay and feed. The ranch typically includes improvements for cattle handling facilities, small back-grounding lots or farmer feedyards that may include small feedlot facilities with building improvements.

We begin our appraisal process with an engagement letter from a client who formally engages our services on the task at hand. After confirmation of our services we gather the general information on the subject property, i.e. property cards, maps, deeds and tax cards, any certified acres, allocations, special assessments, etc. that apply to the subject property. We visually inspect the subject property, measuring any improvements, taking pictures and taking note of any relevant physical traits. Once we have inspected the subject property we compile all the information for our report and form an opinion of value. All appraisals are prepared in compliance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).Type your paragraph here.


  • Nebraska Certified General Real Property Appraiser (CG-212109)

  • Colorado Certified General Real Property Appraiser (CG-100041897)

  • Kansas Certified General Real Property Appraiser (G-2897)

  • Real Estate Broker's License (Nebraska)

We take pride in the professional product and appearance of our appraisal assignments working one-on-one with our clients giving them the peace of mind that they will be given professional, efficient, prompt and confidential service.

Blake A. Moreland

Certified General

Real Property Appraiser


American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers Education

  • Introduction to Approaches to Value for Rural Appraisal (A-110)

  • Intermediate Approaches to Value for Rural Appraisal (A-200)

  • Advanced Approaches to Value for Rural Appraisal (A-300)

  • Introduction to Appraisal Review (A-360)

  • Appraisals Review Under USPAP (A-370)

  • Advanced Rural Case Studies (A-400)

  • Key Issues of Grain Elevator Valuation



Includes pivot irrigated, flood irrigated, dryland, CRP, EQIP and CREP land with improvements that include homes, shops, quonsets, grain bins and agricultural structures.

​​Appraisal Institute Education

  • General Appraiser Income Approach II (N404G)

  • General Appraiser Report Writing and Case Studies (405G)

  • The Appraiser as an Expert Witness: Preparation and Testimony (700GE)

  • Litigation Appraising: Specialized Topics and Applications (705GE)

  • 2014 IRS Seminar

Farm, Ranch, Land, Ag

Agri-Business Appraisals, Real Estate Sales


  • Land/Ranch, Residential & Commercial Appraisals

  • Real Estate Sales

  • Property Management

  • Agriculture Land Auctions

  • Experience with all aspects of residential, commercial and agricultural brokerage



Includes commercial buildings for ag service, businesses, commercial grain facilities, commercial feedlots and commercial lots.